Director’s Notes – 11/23

What a great working session last night ! ! ! 
We are well on our way to delivering a fantastic holiday performance. With the exception of Russian Christmas Music, it is a shorter and lighter program (by design). RCM is a difficult work. We may never play another Level 5 piece but this has been a great growing experience for the ensemble. We try to program a blend of selections representing various playing levels and styles. Going forward, we will continue to offer varying challenges while maintaining our “community band” philosophy that all are welcome to play.

Following this Holiday Concert, we will have a lengthy hibernation (rehearsals begin in April 2022). You will get a much deserved rest and can look forward to some lighter fare in the Spring/Summer season. 

Russian Christmas Music:  If you can put down your forks long enough this holiday week, please take a few moments to review RCM and tighten up any passages with which you are having difficulty. As you practice (and I hope you will), remember to pay close attention to dynamics. This work not only presents technical challenges in all sections but changing meters and tempos that add to the excitement. I fully admit that it is a difficult work but I also applaud each of you for how well it is coming together. You have worked very hard and truly should be very proud of yourselves. As I’ve explained previously, I can teach it and lead it but I don’t play it. That part is wholly up to each of you. 

Please accept my very best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you are traveling, please be safe. 

See you on Monday, November 29th ! ! !

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