Director’s Notes – 11/16

In retrospect, I guess we should have had a “bye” week following our immensely successful concert last Thursday. Seems we are still recovering plus the weather has taken a sharp left turn and the Packer’s game wasn’t exciting and . . . All the excuses that we must put aside and regain our determination to produce another awesome concert.

The attendance last night was slim which meant that I needed to drastically adjust my rehearsal strategy on the fly. I totally bypassed Russian Christmas Music because I didn’t feel we could have made much headway even though we need to work on putting it all together. We have just THREE rehearsals to wrap up the Holiday Concert program so please make these rehearsals a priority.

For next Monday, November 22nd, we will focus on:
1) Russian Christmas Music
2) Christmas on the Town Square
3) Christmas Pipes

The Holiday Concert program will consist of:
1) Sleigh Ride
2) Candelight Carol
3) Russian Christmas Music
4) Christmas Pipes
5) Christmas on the Town Square
6) Christmas Sing-a-long
7) Christmas Festival

Concert attendance:  I know that I already reported the fact that we had 277 audience members at the concert. As of last night, we had 299 views on YouTube. The concert has been shared all across Door County and the country!

Tuning vs. Playing in Tune:  It is extremely important to tune so that as an ensemble we are all on the same page. However, tuning is just a snapshot in time. We must also focus on PLAYING in tune. Just because your instrument is “tuned” does not necessarily mean that every note you play is “in tune.” There are a lot of variables that impact playing in tune and they all vary from instrument to instrument and from player to player. Listening to yourself as well as how your playing relates to those around you helps you to play in tune. In an ensemble, no one plays in a vacuum. We all relate to the other instruments in the ensemble. A heady concept but one of which we must be aware.

In conclusion, let’s shake off last night (and the cold weather) and make the most of these last three rehearsals. People are counting on us to make the holiday spirited and bright!

Jason Palmer

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