Director’s Notes – 10/19

What a workout you’ve been giving me ! ! ! In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m down 30 pounds and it’s all because you’ve been running me ragged. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! ! ! I’ve got another 20 pounds to go.

You’ve been working very hard because our music is challenging and you are rising to meet that challenge. I can’t tell you how impressed and amazed I am. Each week, you play with increasing confidence because of the work you have been doing.

Veteran’s Day Concert: We have only three rehearsals until the November 11th concert. We need to re-double our efforts and make sure we each have worked out those little kinks that we know exist. A few minutes of personal practice and you’ll have those kinks worked out and the whole ensemble will benefit and we’ll bring home a BIG WIN at the November concert.

Just a reminder of how the program for Veteran’s Day is shaping up. . .

Star Spangled Banner (Swearingen)

Armed Forces Salute

Three Equali — Low brass tribute to John Mann (Beethoven; arr. by Jim Richards)

Coast Guards

The Cowboys 

Band of Brothers

National Emblem

Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa)

(The program also includes 3 or 4 selections by the Swingin’ Door Big Band)

Low Brass:  Next Monday, we will rehearse at 6:30 pm. We made good progress last night so I expect we will be near perfect by next Monday. Let’s remember the focus of this performance. . .to honor John Mann.

Next rehearsal:  From many years of experience, I know that crunch time (the couple of rehearsals prior to a performance) will bring out the best in everyone’s playing. There’s no better motivator than a little pressure. Our focus next Monday will be. . .

1) The Cowboys

2) Band of Brothers

3) Russian Christmas Music

DYNAMICS:  Dynamics, dynamics, dynamics ! ! ! I can’t say it enough. When you practice at home, don’t just practice the notes; include dynamics. They are such a huge part of what makes MUSIC ! ! ! This is NOT marching band; we are not out in the middle of a big stadium trying to fill all that space with sound. Playing with a full spectrum of dynamics will be heard and enjoyed. Practice with dynamics. Dynamics, dynamics, dynamics ! ! !

Three weeks ! ! !

Looking forward to our work next Monday. . .

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