Director’s Notes – 10/5

Your continued hard work and dedication are truly awesome! ! !

We are making great progress on Russian Christmas Music. With 8 rehearsals remaining until the Holiday Concert on December 9th, we are in good shape. Now our goal will be to put all the parts together. 

LOW BRASS:  We will meet once again next Monday at 6:30 for the Three Equali. We’ve made good progress but need to really push now to wrap it up.

Next Monday:  Please be prepared to rehearse the following. . .
1) Star Spangled Banner
2) Armed Forces Salute
3) The Cowboys
4) Band of Brothers
5) RCM from the beginning to bar 86

Chimes:  Just today, I submitted a grant application to purchase chimes to add to our percussion equipment. Let’s all keep our fingers, toes, legs, eyes, etc. crossed !

Dues:  If you haven’t already paid your annual dues, please see George Draeb (trombone) who is our PSB treasurer. 

CRITICAL DATES:  I have gotten some questions recently about our concert schedule. Please, please, please be certain you have these dates on your calendar. . .

1) Veteran’s Day Concert — Thursday, November 11th at 7:00 pm at Prince of Peace Church
2) Holiday Concert — Thursday, December 9th at 7:00 pm at Prince of Peace Church
3) Joint Holiday Concert with Sturgeon Bay High School Band — Monday, December 20th at Sturgeon Bay High School (time: TBD)

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