PSB Fall Update 10/2019

From the president:

Welcome to all our new and returning members! Hope everyone is having fun making beautiful music every Monday evening as we prepare for our Veterans Day and Holiday Concerts.

Here is some IMPORTANT information regarding those upcoming rehearsals and concerts:

Our next rehearsal Monday October 21st will be in the Middle School Band Room. What a cozy rehearsal that will be!

Back in the High School Band Room Monday October 28th.

Dress Rehearsal Monday November 4th will be at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church from 7:00 – 8:30pm.  Everyone will need to bring their music stand and stand lights.  Everyone needs to be there by 6:40 to help with set up of the chairs in the sanctuary. After rehearsal everyone needs to stay an extra 5 minutes to help put the chairs away per the church’s request. Percussion will need to be taken to the church that night and can be stored there until after the concert on November 11th.

Monday November 11th– Veterans Day Concert

Set-up chairs 5:45pm

Call time 6:00pm

Concert starts at 7:00pm

Need to bring music stands and stand lights.

Concert Attire for Veterans Day will be black and white. 

Women: black skirt or pants, white blouse or sweater, black shoes

Men: Black pants, White collared shirt, tie optional, black shoes

Be sure to spread the word about our concert to friends and family so we have a full audience on the 11th!

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