Peninsula Symphonic Band
Door County, Wisconsin  

I started playing flute for the fifth-grade band in Middletown, Ohio. After a couple weeks, I decided to switch to baritone. Then, because I could already read music, they moved me up to the sixth-grade band. I played baritone all through grade school, junior high, high school and college. Flute and baritone were my only choices because those were the two instruments we had. My sister had played flute and my dad and other sister had played baritone. It doesn't look very pretty any more, but it has a LOT of history. The baritone I'm playing is the one my dad bought used when he was in a military band, and he played at one time under the direction of John Philip Sousa!

I am brand new to PSB. It has been a while since I played but found most of it is coming back.

I am currently employed part time at the United Methodist Church of Sturgeon Bay as Director of Christian Education.

Ricki Mitchell