Peninsula Symphonic Band
Door County, Wisconsin  

At the end of my freshmen year at Sturgeon Bay Jr. High, I was approached by the band director to play BASSOON. I didnít even know what one looked liked, let alone how it sounded (itís been compared to both a farting bedpost and a foghorn). The director told me it was an easy instrument and that I wouldnít even have to buy one. The school would provide. My friends were all in band, and so I took a leap of faith and joined. My first lesson: how to put the thing together. I went on to play through high school, then gave it up completely until I joined the Peninsula Symphonic Band in its second or third year. Once again, it was the school band director who made it all possible, allowing me to borrow a bassoon from the high school. This arrangement worked for a few years, but eventually the school needed it back for one of its students to use. Since I really enjoyed playing, I had to come up with another instrument. I purchased a secondhand clarinet, a lot more affordable than a bassoon, and taught myself how to play. Iím not the greatest player, but a band can never have too many clarinets. Moreover, someone has to play the 2nd and 3rd parts. I have been a Family and Consumer Education teacher for 20 years at T.J. Walker Middle School, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

Joan Draeb