Peninsula Symphonic Band
Door County, Wisconsin  

Prior to joining the Peninsula Symphonic Band in April 2005, I had not played my flute since quitting the high school band my senior year after the band director caught me kissing the bassoon player in the music room and later announced this to the entire band. Although that was 30-some years ago, I still remember it well . . . eight years of flute playing down the drain because of a single kiss! A few years ago I dabbled with oboe lessons but upon moving to Door County in 2004, found there were no oboe teachers so began playing the flute again. Its like riding a bike, although I will admit during the first few rehearsals I only played about one out of every eight notes. I would encourage anyone with an interest in music to join us. We all do it for fun and we all make mistakes. Oh, and by the way—were looking for a bassoon player (not necessarily THAT bassoon player)!

Jackie Udell