Peninsula Symphonic Band
Door County, Wisconsin  

I started in 7th grade in the Appleton, Wisconsin school system. My band teacher in high school was Frank Comella. I joined the Peninsula Symphonic Band in the fall of 2008. Clint Seely, Dee Martin, and my wife did a “full-court press” on me to begin playing again. My sister-in-law loaned me her clarinet so that I could try to play again and see if it still had the magic it held for me 45 years ago. I really enjoyed playing all through grade school and high school. It was my principle school activity. I was pretty deeply involved. Upon graduation from high school, however, I didn’t have an instrument because the school rental program was excellent. As a result, I have only played for two events in the years between 1955 and now. If you enjoy playing an instrument—even if you are “rusty” or not a proficient player—this is a group that still will welcome you. My pleasure comes from being able to play again and enjoy music with a group that encourages me to continue to play even as I work to improve my technique and conditioning. I enjoy all kinds of music. In classical music, the Baroque period is my favorite. Marches are fun, also. As a resident advisor and as a consultant, I helped public health educators in developing countries to become more effective in encouraging people to adopt and sustain better health behaviors.

Ed Douglass