Peninsula Symphonic Band
Door County, Wisconsin  

French horn
I started in grade school, Bret Harte Elementary, in Corcoran, California. The trumpet ended up my first instrument but only because horns weren't available. In junior high I played a school-issued horn and in high school became a member of the band and “orchestra” (usually only four to eight kids). I played a few short stints as well as in the jazz band, when we could find a part for horn that I could manage. I had a great band teacher, one who taught us music theory and jazz improv too. John Nielsen first told me about the Peninsula Symphonic Band in 1997 when I tuned his piano. John Quiggly directed the band at that time. I was delighted to have a chance to play my instrument again after many years away from it. I'm a pie shop owner and operator by profession (see Sweetie Pies) and still on rare occasions tune pianos. Other interests of mine are social and environmental concerns and the Baha'i faith.

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David Lea