Peninsula Symphonic Band
Door County, Wisconsin  

I started taking lessons in 5th grade and played in grade school, high school, college, and various adult bands over the years. My high school teacher was my inspiration. I feel most fortunate to have had him. Equally inspiring was and is a fellow trumpeter in the Peninsula Symphonic Band, John Koehn. I am very new to this community band (joined in the spring of 2013). Though a native of Sturgeon Bay, I have not lived here since graduating from college. My partner and I moved here this January. Coming back is wonderful, and how extraordinary it was for me to find my childhood next-door neighbor, John Koehn, the one who motivated me to choose the trumpet when I was very young, sitting there in the trumpet section. The "circle of life" is truly amazing. I need my music fix and was thrilled to discover the PSB is here. I like all kinds of music, particularly classical, but appreciate the "big band" genre and show tunes as well.

Barb Zahn